Chancen durch internationale Studierende

Aktuell absolvieren ca. 440 reguläre Studierende aus aller Welt ein englischsprachiges Studium am Campus Wels. Viele davon interessieren sich für Praktika in österreichischen Betrieben. Zusätzlich verbringen jährlich rund 80 Austauschstudierende ein Semester oder Jahr an
der FH OÖ in Wels als Gaststudierende oder sind im Rahmen eines (Forschungs-)Projekts beschäftigt.

Estefania Gaytán schloss 2016 das Studium „Innovation and Product Management“ ab und arbeitet seitdem als Produktmanagerin bei Trodat.

Legal Information for Working in Austria

Status: October 2020

  • Students from EU/EEA countries can pursue a gainful employment in Austria without a work permit. Exception: Croatian citizens will require a work permit until 2020 (see below).
  • Students from third countries, who are staying in Austria with a „Student Residence Permit„, or holders of a valid „Student“ residence permit from another EU member state (except one from Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland), who are completing part of their studies at an Austrian higher education institution as part of a mobility program, require a work permit in order to be able to work in Austria. This is tied to a number of conditions:
    – 20 h/week (regardless of the level of study) without a labor market examination
    – Beyond that only with labour market examination
    – Employment permit must be applied for in advance by the employer at the public employment service AMS
  • Further information at the OeAD website and AMS website
  • Exceptions to the Employment of Foreign Nationals Act (“Ausländerbeschäftigungsgesetz” AuslBG),where no employment permit is required:
    • Activities within the framework of European Union exchange or research programmes or activities in scientific teaching and research.
  • Special regulation for professional internships and voluntary work
    • Professional internship:
      for projects/internships, which are a mandatory part of the curriculum, no work permit is required, a confirmation of registration is sufficient!
    • Volunteering:
      without the obligation to work and without entitlement to remuneration for up to three months per calendar year. Confirmation of registration is sufficient!
    • Confirmation of registration (“Anzeigenbestätigung”) with the public employment service AMS must be reported to the AMS by the employer at least 3 weeks before starting to work, cost approx. € 20,-
  • Students from third countries, who are staying in Austria with a „Visa D“ (stays of up to 180 days):
    The admissibility of a gainful employment (e.g. voluntary work, internship) must be explicitly requested when applying for the visa and noted by the authorities on the visa!
  • “Residence Permit Special Cases of Paid Employment”
    For gainful employment excluded from the AuslBG (teaching and research activities), instead of a student residence permit if no admission to a higher education institution
  • Red-White-Red – Card “Graduates”
    • for graduates of Austrian study programmes (Bachelor, Master, Diploma from 2nd section or doctorate)
    • Intended employment corresponds with education area
    • Monthly gross salary of at least 45% of the maximum contribution basis according to § 108 paragraph 3 ASVG, – plus special payments. For the year 2020 this amounts to € 2,416.50
    • Employer’s declaration according to the Employment of Foreign Nationals Act (AuslBG)
    • Application needs to be submitted before the current student residence permit or th period for job search expires
    • Temporary confirmation of residence for up to 12 months for the purpose of job search possible (all legal effects of a residence permit students remain valid, employment permit for up to 20 hours per week possible)

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Contact AMS

AMS OÖ Ausländerinnenfachzentrum
Tel: +43/732/6963-0, Fax: +43/732/6963-20990